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Child/infant care

Cathy often receives referrals from area lactation consultants and dentists to assist with the removal of fascial restrictions throughout the body (resulting from birth trauma, lip-tie, tongue-tie, and similar issues.)

Following treatment parents often report their child's:

*more pleasant disposition

*better sleep

*fewer digestive issues

*better ability to nurse efficiently

FOR TONGUE-TIE issues, see:



I have been honored to be entrusted with caring for the needs of many, many newborns, infants, and children of all ages.  CranioSacral is SO gentle that the child (and often the parents) do not realize what my hands are gently facilitating  healing in the child's body.  I receive many referrals from lactation consultants and dentists who do tongue/lip-tie revision.

Why from dentists who do tongue and/or lip-tie revisions? Think of the tie as being the cord inside a draw-string waistband. The dentist cuts the cord, but the gatherings/puckers still remain.   It's my job to find how those restrictions are pulling through the child's body (which can be in any/every direction), often being the underlying cause of: colic, arching the back, torticollis, lactation issues, etc.


Many issues in the child can be caused by the child's close-quarters before birth.  Imagine yourself being in a tight-sleeping bag for days/weeks!  Many babies develop a C-curve,  with one side of their bodies leaning towards the rounded side of the mother's womb.  If this curve remains after birth, it can not only cause issues in childhood, but issues that may appear only later in life.  I have found that several adults were relieved of (what seemed to be) heart and/or respiratory issues, by finally getting their rib cages in correct alignment.  Finally lungs were free to fully breathe!

Other issues may result from the twisting of the baby's head during birth (whiplash?!) Also the cranial bones that overlap during a vaginal birth might not fully separate afterwards causing a variety of head-pressure issues, including possible lactation issues. 


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