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1.  How does CranioSacral differ from other therapies? 

     CranioSacral is EXTRMELY effective while being EXTREMELY gentle and deep.  How?  CranioSacral focuses on suture and collagen releases.  When the collagen relaxes (somewhat like melting taffy), the tissue can more permanently return to its original healthy form and position.

2. Will it hurt?

   Normally people find CranioSacral to be VERY relaxing--many fall asleep during the sessions!  

   However, because CranioSacral can go deeply into tissues it sometimes "wakes up" nerve sensation (somewhat like coming out of a coma).  In some other situations, clients have reported an achy feeling--somewhat like the mild soreness of a good workout.

   If any discomfort occurs, it usually resolves itself during the first 48 hours after treatment.  (During these 48 hours, the "dominoes" of the released tissue "keep falling," continuing the healing process begun during the office session.)

3. How many appointments will I need?

   Every body is different.  However, usually a minimum of 3 sessions are recommended.  Some clients feel tremendous change in just one session.  Others decide to schedule appointments on a regular basis for continued wellness. (Special rates may apply:

4.  What is an emotional release?

  Often periods of pain/injury were accompanied with stress.  Tissue often continue to hold that stress.  Consequently,an emotional release may occur.  Some are almost imperceptible--smiling, a feeling of sadness, a tear, an insight.  I have been trained in SomatoEmotional Release and other similar therapies.  However, it is always recommended to see a counselor/therapist for more serious issues of emotional trauma.  

Psychologists have often noticed that CranioSacral bodywork facilitates the effectiveness of talk therapy.

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